Paid Online Reviews

One possibility that webmasters in traffic coming into their sites is to post reviews, useful for the consumer. It is possible to pay for writing reviews, which will be published on these pages.


This is one of the most popular sites paid because of the large number opportnities, via the website. PayPerPost requires that bloggers paid public posts. The system works with a lightning-quick scheme, bloggers are paid after Gripper offers for other bloggers the opportunity. The blogger then writes the review and is waiting for the moment that they are approved for payment through the website. The payment is 30 days after it is published.

Shared Reviews

Shared Reviews has a system of ratings and voices that make money, both for the criticisms and the voters. A percentage of the amount that the website created for each review will be published on the review writers as well as for the people who have opted for a useful review.

Review Stream

Review Stream has 10's of thousands of reviews on everything from stereo equipment to political candidates. The tax pays for review stream on the basis of how valuable it is to the site. A good review is that the criteria of the site pays $ 2nd Ratings, which are not paid, 40th Payments will be made if the writer's account reaches $ 50 There is also a vote in the city, as with Shared Reviews. Have additional 10 per piece.


Epionions has offered to pay different amounts for the evaluations published them for years. There were a bid of 10 U.S. dollars for the letter of 10 evaluations for the location and other amounts. Sometimes there are bonus offers for highly rated reviews.

Paid reviews on blogs

There are also a number of websites, bloggers to publish a review on their own blog and be paid. Some of these sites require a positive opinion that it filled with links to the site or product should be investigated. Others want only the name of the customer to pay for outside and fair assessment can be either positive or negative.

Software Judge

Paid for softwarejudge reviews are honest reviews of software. Review writers are paid when their account reaches 200 U.S. dollars. It sounds like a lot, but each will review from $ 1 to $ 50, depending on how detailed and well-written, the revision is. The software will be listed on the website. Review writers choose what software they want from this list.

Each online reviews should be included in the general Web-letter format. This make the ratings easier to read and should focus the attention of most readers.

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gloria December 11, 2008 at 10:56 AM  

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