Software Untuk Blogging

Ini adalah software-software yang berguna bagi para blogger, antara lain:

Software AdSense Buddy Adalah AdSense statistics tracker pribadi. DenganAdSense Buddy, Anda tidak perlu loggin ke Adsense Account anda tiap kali ingin melihat Adsense Statistic. Cukup letakan mouse Anda pada Adsense Buddy Icon yang terdapat di windows taskbar, Atau download data pada range tanggal tertentu atau channel tertentu pada applikasi. Silahkan download di sini

Software PPCtoolkit berguna bagi Anda yang ingin mencari nilai keyword, silahkan download software ini di sini

SEO Surf® is a powerful yet easy to use software that is meant to assist both novice and expert SEO enthusiasts. It allows you to quickly analyze any web page and find out what makes it hot for the search engines. It also allows you to shortlist, follow up and manage potential link partners just by simple clicks as you surf the net. Backward link management will no longer be a painful task. It also finds keywords related to your base keywords. SEOSurf is smart enough to show you the urls that you are surfing right now in IE and it makes it easy for you to select these urls just by a click of a button. Finally, SEOSurf is bound to impress you by the comprehensive help and support that you usually never get for other free software. Download here

Software Page Generator sangat memudahkan Anda dalam menulis sebuah content. Download di sini

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ipanks November 27, 2008 at 12:48 PM  

om numpang download yap.makasih

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